On the afternoon of September 4, Djiboutian President GUELLEH, who had come to China for the 2018 Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), met with GCL Group Chairman ZHU Gongshan and engaged in discussion regarding the Poly-GCL Petroleum Holdings Ethiopia—Djibouti oil and gas project.

ZHU first thanked President GUELLEH for taking time out of his busy schedule to meet. ZHU stated that Poly-GCL Petroleum would actively and thoroughly comply with the spirit of the meeting between President GUELLEH and Chinese President XI, that is, upholding the concepts of building together and enjoying the rewards together, making the Ethiopia—Djibouti oil and gas project a model project for the Belt and Road Initiative. He expressed his hope that Djibouti will attach great importance to and exhibit active concern for the development of this cross-border pipeline which is a core project, so that it may be carried out steadily and eternally. ZHU said that with the ever-present help and support of the Djibouti government and related agencies, the pipeline project has reached the initial stage of operations. On May 13 of this year, under the witness of President GUELLEH as well as leaders from China and foreign countries, Djibouti’s Ministry of Energy officially signed the Djibouti Pipeline Development Agreement with GCL Group, establishing a solid foundation for the beginning of a major oil and gas project.

President GUELLEH highly affirmed and expressed appreciation to GCL for its investment into Djibouti, especially in the areas of energy and related fields, which will be a practical form of aid for the welfare and economy of Djibouti. He expressed his desire that the current collaboration would serve as a foundation for continued work and business development, and that this project would strongly take root in Djibouti to serve as a driving force behind the local economy while helping the people of East Africa. He also stated that the meeting between President XI and himself at the 2018 FOCAC held Poly-GCL’s oil and gas project as a focal point. During the meeting, the Chinese government expressed the high degree of importance it places on the project and the commitment to provide the needed resources and tech support. The Djiboutian government will also increase its support for the project so as to work together with China in allowing the project to begin operations as soon and smoothly as possible.

ZHU and President GUELLEH also discussed the issues regarding pushing the date for the signing of a Djibouti Pipeline Cross-border Agreement and an LNG Development Agreement as well as planning for the GCL-Djibouti Industrial Park and electric power development. Minister of Energy Yonis Ali GUEDI, the head of the state-owned electric company Electricte de Djibouti, and Poly-GCL Petroleum Chairman YU Baodong and Vice President LI Wei were present at the meeting.


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