In the afternoon of September 4, President Gelley of the Republic of Djibouti, who came to China to attend 2018 Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, met with Zhu Gongshan (president of the GCL Group) in Beijing. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges regarding their deep cooperation on the Ethiopia-Djibouti Oil & Gas Project in the charge of POLY-GCL.

Zhu Gongshan firstly expressed gratitude to President Gelley for taking time out from his busy schedule for the meeting. Zhu Gongshan said POLY-GCL Petroleum Group would actively implement the spirit of the instructions from the meeting of the heads of state of China and Djibouti, adhere to the concept of joint construction and sharing, and have the part of businesses of the “Ethiopia-Djibouti Oil & Gas” Project in Djibouti built as a model for the “Belt & Road” cooperation between the two countries, and hoped that Djibouti would pay more attention and positive concern to cross-border pipelines and other core businesses involved in the project, so that the two sides can jointly promote the stable operation of this project. Zhu Gongshan said that with the invariable help and support of Djibouti government and relevant departments, the Djibouti Oil & Gas Pipeline Project in the charge of POLY-GCL has initially entered the substantive operational phase. On May 13 this year, under the witness of Chinese and foreign leaders such as President Gelley, the Ministry of Energy of Djibouti and GCL Group officially signed the “Djibouti Pipeline Development Agreement”, which laid a solid foundation for the smooth implementation of the Ethiopia Gas Project in the charge of POLY-GCL.

Gelley highly praised and thanked GCL for investing in Djibouti. The investment and development of GCL in the energy industry and energy-related industries will effectively benefit the people of Djibouti, which is surely of great significance to the economy and people’s livelihood in Djibouti. He hopes that both parties can base themselves on the current cooperation foundation, continue to intensively work hard, and solidly promote business development, so that the project can take root in Djibouti, helping local economic development and benefiting African people. Gelley pointed out that the two heads of state met again during the 2018 Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, who promised to provide necessary financing and technical support for the project, and Djibouti government would also continuously strengthen support for GCL oil & gas projects and properly handle major concerns of the both parties in hope of having the project put into operation as soon as possible.

The two sides also communicated and negotiated on such issues as accelerating the signing of Djibouti Pipeline Transit Agreement and LNG Development Agreement, and the planning and power development of GCL Djibouti Industrial Park.

Yonis (Djibouti Energy Minister), Jama (General Manager of Djibouti Power Company), Yu Baodong (Chairman of POLY-GCL Petroleum Group) and Li Wei (Vice President of POLY-GCL Petroleum Group) were also present at the meeting.