ZHU Yufeng, Vice Chairman of GCL Group has shared his views on energy transformation trend, especially in Shandong with abundant wind and solar resources, on a recent summit attracting many known youth entrepreneurs in East China’s Shandong province.

On the afternoon of August 6, the Shandong Provincial Party Committee and provincial government held the International Summit on Innovation and Development of Youth Entrepreneurs 2018 in Jinan. Shandong Provincial Committee Secretary Liu Jiayi and Governor Gong Zheng attended the event and engaged in a forum with over 40 well-reputed professionals, scholars, and outstanding young entrepreneurs, including ZHU Yufeng, REN Zeping (chief economist at Evergrande Group), LIU Chang (chairman of New Hope Liuhe Co.), LIU Qingfeng (chairman of iFlytek), and ZHANG Yiming (founder and CEO of Bytedance).

ZHU Yufeng spoke on the Shandong Construction Plan for New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion and how to introduce new energy and materials into the development of Shandong’s “5+5 Top Ten Industries.” ZHU proposed the active development of renewable and clean energy in an effort at working toward clean alternatives and electric-power alternatives, and he also spoke on furthering such measures as new energy cogeneration and co-supply. This is excellent news for the new energy businesses. Just after the written version of the Shandong Construction Plan for New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion was published, ZHU stated GCL immediately began working on study and research, consciously searching to “find its place,” as well as planning and thinking about how to connect the new and clean energy industry. The regional branches of GCL New Energy, GCL Intelligent Energy, and Poly-GCL Petroleum Group implemented a plan involving multi-industry unification and took the first steps in formulating a packaged development plan. Currently, GCL has completed or gained approval for nearly 20 projects around Shandong, some of which include a completed 230-MW PV-energy generator, approval for a 950-MW thermoelectric cogeneration project, and a signed framework agreement for a 200-MW wind-power project in Shanghai.
At the summit, VIPs gave speeches and focused on concept transformation through liberated thought, accelerated development of new technology and industries, propulsion of real economy transformation and upgrades, creation of top-grade business environments, intensification of reforms related to “getting things right the first time,” and quickening the pace of military and civilian integration. They then discussed and offered suggestions on these issues, making prognoses on Shandong’s development and offering related advice.
While listening carefully to everyone’s suggestions, LIU Jiayi asked specific questions, bringing the conversation to a deeper level. He said he was very touched and inspired by what everyone had to say. Each of the speakers has a dream and a pursuit, and all of the young entrepreneurs have the passion for innovative entrepreneurship. This year was a very unique one for development in Shandong, as people all over the province have become resolved in the pursuit of new development concepts, accelerating the new and old kinetic energy conversion, promoting high-quality development, making thorough plans, and holding firm to implementation. Concept, target, and directional development is already very clear, and the province is commencing on the best, comprehensive development for the economy. The younger generation is the most creative, and entrepreneurs are masters of development, so young entrepreneurs are a precious asset and a new force in local progress. The culture of Shandong is quite profound, and its geographical location has endowed it with unique merits. It has a strong industrial base and serves as a fertile ground for young professionals, scholars, and entrepreneurs to innovate, build their businesses, and achieve their dreams. We look forward to more young entrepreneurs visiting, settling, and working in Shandong so that they may develop and realize their self-worth, which will in turn help Shandong to continually further its new era of modernization and constructive development.

At the summit, ZHU Yufeng was interviewed by local television and other major media outlets.


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