On August 21, the water well generator in Shilabworeda district of Ethiopia was damaged. The local government requested help from POLY-GCL Petroleum Group, in hope that GCL could assist them to transport the standby generator from another village.

In order to build a better harmonious community relationship with the local government and ensure the supply of water for production and domestic use of POLY-GCL Petroleum Group, the company immediately dispatched a truck and crane to assist in the transportation on August 22 and sent our electricians to help with the wiring and maintenance. In order to express their gratitude, the government of Shilab district sent specially a letter of thanks to us for this help.

The Shilab government wrote in its letter of thanks, “We are very grateful to POLY-GCL Petroleum Group for its tremendous help after the generator of Shillabworeda well was damaged yesterday. It is the only water well in Janelle Keble area for the supply of domestic water in the community, animal husbandry water and industrial water. Once receiving the message, you immediately sent a large truck and crane to move the new generator from Shilabo city to Janelle Keble well (to restore the water supply of the well). We express our sincere thanks for the rapid response of POLY-GCL Petroleum Group yesterday. Whenever you need any help, we will give the same rapid support!”

In order to handle the relation with local communities and live in harmony with local government and residents in Ethiopia, in recent years, POLY-GCL Petroleum Group continuously increases its public welfare investment to benefit the local people and maintain its efforts in both development and construction, make good use of local employees, play the role of a bridge, respect local folk customs and does a good job in folk exchanges, understand the changes of local social conditions, strengthen the safety management of field operations and safety protection of camps, and strengthen its emergency response capabilities.

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