Currently, PV trade barriers still exist, restricting worldwide industrial cooperation and development to a certain extent. On the afternoon of May 27, ZHU Gongshan, Chairman of Global Solar Council (GSC) and Chairman of Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association, expressed his hope at the Global Solar Associations Meeting that global PV companies work together to break trade barriers, deepen technological cooperation, achieve innovation and sharing, promote market-based communications, use clean energy to light the world, and promote sustainable development of the PV industry in the world.

“As a result of the rapid cost reduction and significant increase of efficiency, the substitution effect of PV power generation will deliver results at a faster pace.” ZHU noted, “In recent years, China’s electric power supply has shifted from traditional fossil energy to alternative clean energy, and the energy consumption structure keeps improving and upgrading. Globally, the PV and renewable energy technologies, market application and industrial development vary in different regions. At present, the regions such as South Asia and Africa are still suffering from power shortage.

“Lighting Africa” is a program in which PV power generation plays a leading role, and it is now changing the destiny of the African people. By using solar energy to desalinize sea water in Africa, the GCL Group has provided local people with clean power and water.

ZHU considered that global PV companies shall raise their social responsibilities and broaden their horizon, give full play to their advantages of technology, industrial chain, and market, develop and explore new markets in relatively backward regions, so as to solve the problem of power shortage and promote economic development and environmental improvement through PV power generation as soon as possible.

ZHU proposed to establish a global new energy council that incorporates new energy and intelligent energy, so as to jointly promote transformation of the global energy market, facilitate innovation in more models and the implementation of new applications. He called on global PV companies and research institutes to work together to further reduce the cost of PV power generation, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, sharpen the competitiveness of PV power as alternative energy, further apply PV power generation, broaden the application area of PV power generation, and ensure to make PV power generation bring benefits to numerous households.

Themed with “Cooperation, Innovation, Win-win”, the Global Solar Associations Meeting is co-hosted by Global Solar Council, Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association, New Energy Industry Association for Asia and the Pacific, and Shanghai New Energy Industry Association, attracting a number of industry associations and leading solar enterprises from countries and regions in Asia, Europe, and Americas to explore how to cooperate with each other for innovation and win-win results.


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