A delegation, led by GCL Chairman Zhu Gongshan, visited the Ethiopian Ministry of Mines, Petroleum and Natural Gas and the Embassy of China in Ethiopia on May 8-9, East Africa Time, where they met with Mr. Melese Alemu, the Ethiopian Minister of Mines, Petroleum and Natural Gas and Mr. Tan Jian, the Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia, respectively, and had a discussion over moving forward with GCL-Poly’s “Ethiopia – Djibouti oil and gas project”.

In discussions with Mr. Alemu, both sides reached a broad consensus on key and difficult matters concerning the planning and execution of the said oil & gas project, with Mr. Alemu agreeing to build a joint office mechanism as soon as possible to fast-track the project, further recognizing the importance of the project to the national development strategy of Ethiopia, and willing to list the project as a national Number One project in the form of a government document which will also be forwarded to the Chinese Embassy and its Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office in Ethiopia.

Mr. Tan gave full recognition to the progress made in the oil & gas project, hoping that all sides concerned keep close contact and collaboration to make the project profitable as early as possible.


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