ZHU Gongshan, Chairman of GCL Group, has just attended the 2018 Zijin Summit for China’s New Rural Commerce Ecology in Nanjing and shared the successes of GCL’s PV-powered poverty alleviation, its integration of the PV-power and agriculture industries, and its distributed solar power generation stations in rural villages. He stated that in 2017 alone, GCL invested over 4 billion RMB into the construction of PV-powered poverty alleviation power stations, benefitting nearly 40,000 poor households. Moreover, the company’s integration of the PV-power and agriculture industries and its work in peony cultivation for oil has significantly boosted agricultural efficiency and been a source of industrial support for poverty alleviation. ZHU looks to work closely with Alibaba, Huitongda, and the U.S.-China Green Fund in powering rural areas with green energy.
At the summit, ZHANG Yong (Daniel Zhang), CEO of Alibaba, announced a plan to invest 4.5 billion RMB into Huitongda (a subsidiary of Fivestar Holdings) with an eye at getting into the expansive and complex rural market via cooperation between Taobao and Huitongda, thus beginning a joint effort at the establishment of a new ecology for rural commerce.
Heads from big names in the financial, household appliance, agriculture supply, new energy vehicle, consumer electronics, and alcohol/beverage industries engaged in discussions on the topics of recreating and modernizing the structure of circulation in rural areas, promoting consumption development in rural areas, industrial poverty alleviation, and making use of idle resources in rural areas while boosting asset-based income for rural families. Huitongda and GCL System Integration have teamed up in founding the Xin Sunlight Company, which is focused on promoting distributed PV power generation in rural China. By December of 2017 (after just four months of work), the company had brought the PV power business into nearly 300 counties and towns in China.


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