The “Energy Big Data Management Cloud Platform” project of GCL Intelligent Energy subsidiary Suzhou Intelligent Power Co., Ltd. Has won the first prize in the technology categoryat the the National Electrical Power Equipment Management Conference and the 6th National Electric Equipment Management Innovation Award Ceremony in Beijing.  It is the top honor for energy big data projects. The candidates had been reviewed by the China Electrical Equipment Management Association (CEEMA) before the awardee was determined. 

CEEMA is a national first-level industry association approved by the State Council. The State Grid, China Southern Power Grid and the Five-Power Group are all the executive members of the association. Suzhou Intelligent Power Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of GCL Intelligent Energy Co., Ltd., is dedicated to the researches on demand side management so as to provide power optimization and other services. This award-winning integrated energy big data cloud platform is an innovative project created by the Suzhou Intelligent Power R&D team. This project employs modern information technologies, such as the Internet, Internet of Things, mobile Internet, big data, and cloud computing, to establish one big data cloud platform that integrates the acquisition, analysis, management of the data about such energy as electricity, water and gas. The cloud platform can monitor the whole-process use of the enterprise’s power facilities in real time and realize “networked, digitalized, and visualized” management. At the same time, the platform can also perform accurate energy measurement and accounting based on the equipment energy consumption analysis model in big data mining so as to effectively improve the level and efficiency of enterprise energy management and enable the enterprise to better participate in the electricity market and auxiliary services.

In recent years, the government and enterprises display stronger awareness of energy conservation and the IT-based energy industries have become increasingly mature. Many companies have the urgent need to meet energy conservation and consumption reduction goals through efficient resource allocation, production arrangement, energy settlement, cost assessment, and the full life cycle management of electrical equipment. “The integrated cloud platform for the demand side of industrial companies, which is an energy big data management platform developed by Suzhou Intelligent Power Co., Ltd., can be regarded as a necessity coming up at the right time,” said Shi Jiandong, general manager of Suzhou Intelligent Power Co., Ltd., “to apply Big data in the energy sector is an inevitable trend to promote innovation and development. By combining energy consumption data, smart device data, and customer information, the platform can fully explore users’ behavioral characteristics and usage patterns so as to formulate individualized solutions that help companies to improve their energy efficiency.”

Take a metallurgical enterprise in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province as an example. Since 2016, following the integrated energy solutions developed by Suzhou Intelligent Power Co., Ltd., the company has reduced costs by more than RMB 6 million when participating in demand response projects of Jiangsu province. And with the optimized high-efficiency energy-saving technologies, the company is expected to reduce electricity consumption by about 4 million kWh every year. In 2018, Suzhou Intelligent Power Co., Ltd. also provides electricity sales services, which further reduces the power costs for the company.

Speeding up the “New Power Reforms” is the main theme of current and future development in China’s energy sector. “Promoting the energy consumption revolution and curbing unreasonable energy consumption” is the top priority. As a leading non-public power company in China, GCL Intelligent Energy has actively responded to the national call to accelerate the transition from energy producers to integrated energy service providers in recent years. At the end of 2015, it acquired Suzhou Intelligent Power Co., Ltd., an important link to complete GCL’s unique development model comprising “resources/energy, internet, sale, use and cloud computing”. Suzhou Intelligent Power Co. Ltd. possesses the first-class qualification in demand side management, and is one of the fifth batch of registered energy conservation service companies in China. Currently. It serves more than 500 large-scale enterprises and manages a power conversion capacity of 10 million kWh with an accumulative energy reduction of over 30 million KWh. While reducing costs and increasing efficiency for customers, the company has made contributions to energy saving and emission reduction that is conducive to building eco-friendly environments. It has also truly implemented the ideas proposed in the national “Internet+” intelligent energy action plan, including smart equipment, multi-function collaboration, information symmetry, supply and demand distribution, flat system, and transparent transaction.


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