The Xinhua Daily(which was delivered to NPC deputies and CPPCC delegates from Jiangsu) has published an article entitled “GCL: Boldly Serving as a Model in Green Development” alongside a report on the closing of the CPPCC.

Moreover,the People’s Daily (which was also delivered to the site of NPC and CPPCC and to the deputies and delegates there) published an article entitled “Bringing Green Energy to Everyone—GCL Propels Energy Industry Transformation and Upgrading through Innovative Development.”

At almost the same time, Oriental Outlook published an article entitled “An Exploration of the Effectiveness of PV-powered Poverty Alleviation” on Xinhua, further allowing GCL’s work in that area to be seen at the NPC and CPPCC.

Just how much power is GCL producing?
Green Production Pushes the Industry Forward and Sustains Innovative Development
As one of the first companies to enter the green, clean energy field, GCL is now the world’s largest producer of technology-related silicon and PV materials. It provides about one-fourth of the world’s polysilicon products and one-third of the world’s silicon wafers, such that one of every four kWhs of PV energy generated in the world today comes from polysilicon produced by GCL.

Advances Green Utilization to Build a Cluster of Clean Energy Businesses
With stable advancesin smart energy, rapid growth in the new energy business, and promising exploration in natural gas, GCL has formed a massive clean energy industrial team that is now working toward building a huge platform, establishing far-reaching connections, and producing an immense effect on the world.

Make China’s Nice Landscape Gold: Helping Alleviate Poverty through Eco-Friendly Means
We have not forgotten our original commitment to bringing green energy into the lives of the people, illuminating people’s homes with eco-friendly solar-powered electricity so as to alleviate poverty. In this way, we are making the sky bluer, the water more limpid, and the air fresher for everyone.

PV-powered poverty alleviation is one of the nation’s “Top Ten Effective Poverty Alleviation Projects.” GCL is at the forefront of the industry with a total solar-power generating capacity of 1,290 megawatts that benefits 38,000 poor households.

Green Energy Lights up Houses and Enhances Happiness the World Over
With its superiority in the industry and technology, GCL is actively working on international cooperation to boost development and innovation in clean energy technology around the globe.
“We look to transmit the Chinese Dream, Chinese technology, and Chinese methodology associated with green energy throughout the world, making China a global force in clean energy technology R&D, production, and exchange.”

New missions come with a new era, and new journeys call for new action.
With the persistence of a fighter, the initiative of an innovator, and the inclination of a creator,
GCL will reach new heights and continue the march forward,
writing a new chapter in the advancement of quality for this new era.


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