At the recently held Wuxi High-tech Industrial Development Zone 2017 Progress Recognition Conference, Wuxi Blue Sky Gas Turbine Combined Heat and Power Company (a subsidiary of GCL Intelligent Energy) won the Innovative Enterprise Award.
In 2017, Wuxi Blue Sky continued to work hard on new technology research, turning its research achievements into practical applications.The technological innovations made and industrial processes developed by the company have been applied to production, bringing about significant benefits economically and socially. The reclaimed water circulation system built by Wuxi Blue Sky allows for 100% of circulating water used to come from reclaimed water, which translates into an annual conservation of 2.4 million tons of surface water and the reduction of COD emissions by nearly 25 tons. Moreover, via PV panels constructed atop turf and improving rooftop PV systems to expand grid-connected PV capacity, PV electricity output has been boosted by 35.8%. In 2017, Wuxi Blue Sky obtained nine patents for inventions such as a smart lighting control system and a waste-heat power generation system, bringing its total number of national patents to 15.The Wuxi Blue Sky project is China’s first 6-in-1 (natural gas-fueled CCHP, solar power, wind power, waste heat/pressure recovery, LED, and storage capacity) smart energy center and the first in China to integrate the five clean power sources of natural gas, PV energy, differential pressure, wind, and photothermal energy. Moreover, it is the first in China to make use of highly efficient PV power generation and photothermal-powered boilers.
As a technologically innovative enterprise involved in producing new and clean power, Wuxi Blue Sky has held fast to the GCL spirit of “Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Competition, Transcendence” in recent years. At the forefront of the industry, the company is devoted to the research and application of new technology, energy conservation, consumption reduction, equipment management, and production for natural gas generators. It has also worked hard on a series of innovative applications such as steam turbine exhaust recovery, boiler waste-heat recovery for cooling, and graduated circulation of cooling water throughout the entire plant. This has not only injected strong momentum into the company’s sustainable development but has also won it a great reputation and made it a model within the industry.


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