GCL has recently made itself a focus of the media by using its photovoltaic business to help alleviate poverty. Following a brief comment on the front page of China Energy News on February 12, an in-depth report entitled “GCL’s Poverty Reduction Campaign Benefits 38,000 Rural Households” was printed in the local fax version of the People’s Daily. The report describes in detail how GCL Group has helped revitalize the beautiful countryside and lifted farmers out of poverty through developing the green energy industry there.
The report was reposted and pushed on the apps of authoritative media outlets like the People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency and the Guangming Daily, by state media outlets such as people.cn, xinhua.cn and ce.cn, web portals such as 163.com, sohu.com, toutiao.com, in-en.com, qq.com, escn.com.cn and solar-pv.cn, as well as a number of we-media and industrial media outlets, drawing extensive attention from society at large.
According to the latest statistics, GCL New Energy has surpassed its peers in the industry by building power stations with a capacity of 1,290MW dedicated to poverty reduction and which have already been completed or are to be completed before June 30, 2018. These stations will provide power to 37,935 poor rural households. GCL has pledged to invest RMB2.07 billion into poverty alleviation over 20 years to encourage people to take active measures toward getting out of poverty.
As reported by state media such as the People’s Daily and Xinhua News Agency, GCL Group, a clean energy leader, has authored and instituted noteworthy poverty reduction projects and set an example in the field of green poverty alleviation, promoting the development of rural areas through technological and industrial development and thus bringing tangible benefits to rural households.

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