At the 3rd PV Industrial Chain Innovation and Cooperation Summit in Suzhou, Zhu Yufeng, Vice Chairman of GCL Group, said that as initiatives of “Belt and Road” continued to be implemented, Chinese photovoltaics will have a bright future across the globe.

At this turning point of changing energy sources, China’s PV industry has once again broken a historical record. More than 10 years of work has helped the creation of the “Golden Era” of Chinese PV. The 50 gigawatts’ growth in 2017 has surprised even industry insiders.

Zhu said, in 2017, there was much less market fluctuations caused by the “policy-driven rush to install,” distributed PV grew exponentially, and PV-assisted poverty reduction programs also continued to grow. “PV+” gave rise to many new business models. In addition, as China continues to implement the “Belt and Road” initiative, Chinese PV firms ventured out to the world and had bigger avenues to explore.
The incredible accomplishments of the Chinese PV industry in the past year were the results of everyone’s efforts in the industry, their innovative ideas and level of craftsmanship. As more technology breakthroughs continued to be made, PV implementation cost was reduced, PV products became more cost-effective, PV technology continued to accelerate, and new application-side models were created, helping to achieve the global PV installation volume of more than 100 gigawatts in 2017.
According to Zhu, in 2017, the GCL Group continued to interface with every part of the PV industrial chain by using self-improvement to make the industry advance and generational upgrades to promote the industry overall. During the process, the GCL Group has realized that joint innovations and technology integration will bring more positive outcome than ever before to the industry. The interlinked connections and interdependence within the industrial chain will build growth and prosperity for everyone. The industry is an indivisible growth body.

”Therefore, only when every link in the industrial chain continues to improve could the entire PV industry make bigger gains. In the transformation toward market-oriented competition, we’re welcoming the critical breakthrough of grid parity.”

Zhu also said, “A New Year program on CCTV revealed a fact about the PV industry of China. Last year, a soccer field-sized solar energy station was installed every hour.” With the hard work of everyone in the PV industry, PV-generated power has reached more ordinary families than ever before. This new energy source is becoming accessible to everyone. Green production, green consumption, and green energy revolution are fundamentally changing people’s life.

In Closing, Zhu said that in the coming year, the PV industry still faces various challenges, such as America’s “201” and India’s “anti-dumping and anti-subsidy policy”. But he believes there are more opportunities than challenges in the industry. For the future, the GCL Group is looking forward to working with everyone to build an innovative new ecological chain via open technology collaborations, support association, strategic interaction, dislocation competition, and more to building a larger collaborative framework. The GCL Group will share cutting-edge technologies, share the fruits of reduced costs, and promote the healthy development of the PV industry.


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