GCL Chairman Zhu Gongshan visited Ismail Omar Guelleh, President of Djibouti, during the delegation’s visit to the country. The two parties agreed to enhance their strategic partnership in the energy area, and to implement the consensuses reached during the meeting of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Guelleh in Beijing in November 2017, so as to accelerate the China-Djibouti partnership for a long and fruitful time.

Zhu thanked Guelleh and the Djibouti government for their persistent and strong supports to the “Ethiopia-Djibouti Oil and Gas” program. He hoped that the two sides, through cooperation in this project, consolidate their construction achievements, lay a solid foundation for mutual trust and benefits, blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit in the fields including solar energy, wind energy, crude oil, petroleum products, stored energy, and energy-planning, etc.

Zhu emphasized that, Djibouti’s advantageous location, mature port economy, its prominent status as a port for petroleum and gas export, and its rich solar and hydropower resources have equipped Djibouti with another engine for economic growth. The GCL Group is confident in its collaborations with Djibouti’s national petroleum company and national power company to realize the five-in-one strategic plan of “wind-light-power-network-cloud”, to make a breakthrough in power supply, and to benefit the Djibouti people. Zhu hoped that Guelleh will continue to pay close attention to GCL Group’s project constructions in Djibouti, and to provide the most preferential conditions in areas including land, trade, and taxation policies.

Guelleh welcomed the GCL Group’s investment in Djibouti. He indicated that the country will continue to support POLY-GCL Petroleum’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) factory and pipeline construction projects, and required relevant departments of Djibouti to contact and consult with the GCL Group for cooperation in solar energy, wind energy, and big data, etc.

Guelleh noted that during his official state visit to China in November of 2017 at President Xi’s invitation, the two leaders agreed to build a strategic partnership to deepen collaborations in big projects such as petroleum & gas project. Djibouti will increase its efforts to fully implement the two leaders’ Beijing consensus in order to pool together Chinese companies in Djibouti represented by the GCL Group, provide advantageous policy support for GCL Group’s projects in Djibouti, jointly draw a grand blueprint of energy development in Djibouti, build an economical, clean, safe, and stable energy supply network in Djibouti, and further deepen the China-Djibouti strategic relationship.


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