China Biomass Energy Association has held in Beijing a news conference for the launch of the “100 Cities and Towns” Biomass CHP County Clean Heat Supply Demonstration Projects end of January, revealing that China’s National Energy Administration has recently issued the Notice on Carrying out the “100 Cities and Towns” Biomass CHP County Clean Heat Supply Demonstration Projects. Amongst the 136 demonstration projects approved by the National Energy Administration, GCL Funing Renewable Power Generation Project has become the only demonstration project that has been included in the category of CHP through incineration of domestic wastes in Jiangsu.

The Funing GCL Renewable Energy Project is located at the Aoyang Chemical Industrial Park on the western suburb of Funing County, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, with intensive thermal loads. It is defined as a cogeneration project from the perspective of sustainable development, and designated by the government of Funing County as a backup heat source for the Aoyang Chemical Industrial Park.

Started in August 2017, the project involves the construction of two mechanical grate boilers with a daily treatment capability of 300 tons of wastes, as well as one 12MW steam turbine generator unit. It uses sophisticated equipments and leading flue-gas treatment and leachate treatment technologies. After going into operation, the project will treat the domestic wastes of Funing County and Sheyang County in a centralized way, achieve the goals of reducing and recycling wastes in a harmless way, and provide the park with electric energy and thermal energy efficiently and consistently. The project is expected to dispose of about 210,000 tons of wastes every year, generate about 75 million KWH, produce about eight tons of vapor and save about 50 thousands of standard coal, thereby making great contributions to promoting ecological progress in Funing.


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