Recently, the nation’s largest electric power sales market was initiated in Jiangsu, and transactions that took place for the first year reached a total of 190 billion kWh. GCL Intelligent Energy signed deals for sales of over 10 billion RMB which will save users nearly 200 million RMB. Ranked third among over 100 power suppliers, GCL Intelligent Energy leads in both market share size and service satisfaction rate.

The contracts signed cover users across 13 cities, including businesses in the steel, chemical, paper, food, machinery, electronics, and pharmaceutical industries, some of them being Global 500 companies such as Wyeth, Emerson, Samsung, and Pfizer.

The electric power sales market in Jiangsu is fierce with competition: transaction amounts are enormous and technical standards are high. Over a period of nine days, equity offerings, bilateral trading, and bidding took place, and GCL Intelligent Energy brought its professionalism and across-the-board service into full play, actively studying sales strategies to establish detailed, feasible targets and plans of action. GCL Intelligent Energy also offered comprehensive power plans, giving the company a differential advantage.

With extensive support from the service departments of various power-generating plants, GCL Intelligent Energy, with a power capacity of less than 5% and user count of less than 3% throughout Jiangsu, was able to overcome numerous obstacles and, in the end, achieve a market share of over 10%. Moreover, the company diligently studied related regulations regarding the numerous transaction types and was able to establish an impressive strategy for quoting and making deals. By means of comprehensive data analysis, exceptional deal negotiation, and flexible transaction mechanisms, the strategy allowed the company to successfully close 100% of the deals it had sought.

In the future, GCL Intelligent Energy will create an online platform to further enhance its service experience for users, and it will also provide value-added services with the special features of distributed energy generation and storage as well as energy-related big data. Through such differential advantages in its service, GCL Intelligent Energy is striving to give its customers the highest value possible.


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