The spring of a new era is surging with warmth, joy, and a strong wind. The first rays of sunlight in 2018 illuminated the azure water, verdant mountains, and faces of everyone in our beautiful nation, a nation of greenery which has embarked on a new journey of transition in energy resources. With a dream as gorgeous as flowers and as we hold to our original intent, I extend heartfelt greetings to 2018 and to all who work toward bringing green energy into our daily lives.

At the start of a completely new era, we re-examine our work, which is full of beauty while being greatly poetic. Look up toward the blue sky and greet the clouds. Bend down to smell the flowers, and let yourself fly freely within a landscape of pure mountains and clean water. Behind smart home spaces, green and intelligent travel, and even every human behavior and action lies green energy, making life more wonderful, engaging, and diversified.

With a mission of focusing on green development and continuing to improve our environment in 2017, GCL took part in setting the beat for vigorous development of the new era through innovative development, embracing reform with reform, and creating new value by holding to the GCL dream of “making the company strong, making our employees wealthy, and making our society wonderful.” We worked hard and indeed produced very satisfying results. After 28 years that seem to have passed in a day, GCL has never wavered in its gratitude toward the CPC, its persistence in doing business and striving for innovation, its devotion to the real economy, and its lookout and commitment toward green development.

GCL has made use of our “red genes” of the revolutionary spirit on the road of green development in bringing about a “green GCL colored with the red of the CPC banner.” We have continually worked to build up the non-state-owned economy and the Party while holding to the correct orientation in development. We persist toward building up business and innovation, continuing steadfastly in developing a diversity of clean energy resource technologies, products, and services while maintaining across-the-board development to provide the world with an inexhaustible supply of clean energy. Moreover, we are actively integrating the strong wave of a new technology revolution and industrial revolution, using new power in to stay fresh and lively in the fields of new materials for the energy industry, the energy internet, distributed energy, diversified use, energy storage, semiconductors, intelligent towns, cloud storage logistics, and the electric car industry.

GCL is making the best use of time in creating value every second, and through open-mindedness, we are expanding the space of development for the green industry. By replacing the old with what is newer and more valuable, new opportunities and fields have opened up within China in which dreams may be built, all of which are a part of the Belt and Road Initiative.

In our struggle for advancement, we have continued to work tirelessly, putting extensive effort and resources into research. We have strongly promoted intelligent manufacturing as well as innovative intelligent operations and services. We have carried out smart projects in innovative green development, brought costs down significantly, constantly improved product and service quality, and achieved breakthrough growth in our business. We have stayed in the top three of the top 500 new energy companies globally. Moreover, along with such companies as Huawei, Lenovo,, Alibaba, and Baidu, we have been honored to be named one of China’s top 10 privately-owned high-tech enterprises for 2017.

In building the present and the future by way of creativity, we have always kept our duty in mind, upholding the spirit of enterprise, continuing to propel industry advancement, pushing for the quick arrival of the era of inexpensive Internet connection for all, and promoting energy transition reforms through practical measures. We have actively invested ourselves into the industry to relieve poverty via building PV power stations in rural areas, truly helping more people out of poverty. We strive to spread loving warmth in bringing the industry to rural areas as a form of charity to create happiness for others.

The world is developing at an incredible speed via amazing industrial integration with the Internet of Everything and overlapping in fields. We are accelerating toward digital economies and sharing economies. Such transformations will be deeply integrated with the energy industry, leading to even greater changes. As was stated at the recently held 2018 National Energy Working Conference, “Energy has become an extremely important and crucial field for the current revolution. Energy technology innovation may very well be the engine that drives the revolution.” All human behavior is tightly knit to energy and turning into a new vehicle of energy resources. All of the participants, fighters, and creators who have worked to bring green energy into people’s everyday lives must redefine the past, present, and future; they must rethink, re-imagine, and restart.

What we need to do upon waking up on the first morning of 2018 is to reset our performance score to zero and leave our previous glory in the past. We must take a deep breath of fresh air and open our arms in welcoming a new day. We must continue to bear our responsibility, race ahead, catch up to and overtake change, and beat major trends. While progressing at such speed, we must make sure to maintain stability and persist toward new concepts of development, keep a firm grip on the basic demand of high-quality development, accustom ourselves to the new era, focus on new goals, and implement a new deployment of resources. 2018, the first year since the 19th National Congress and the 40th year since the Reform and Opening-Up, will be a year to make decisive progress on establishing an all-around well-to-do society and will be a crucial part of the 13th Five-Year Plan. Thus, GCL will bear greater responsibility and work toward a better future.

At the beginning of this new year, we must bring the depth of realism and the warmth of idealism together in continuing to propel the realization of our dream through innovation. In terms of enterprise performance, change is quietly taking place regarding the crucial indicators of self-evaluation and evaluation from the outside: it is not all about glory, rank, or scale; it is instead about the positive changes a company has actively brought about for the world, and what creative contributions it has made toward allowing people better lives. Or, more specifically, all of our business activity must promote creativity and satisfy our clients’ demands, increase profits and benefits for our stockholders and workers, promote intense and highly effective development, and help improve our environment so as to bolster social harmony. Only by persisting toward an orientation directed at the times, the market, and our clients while maintaining flexibility and vigor for innovation so that it may exceed standards can we better meet the demands of the times, the market, our clients, and development.

2018 is here, and so is the future. The French writer and philosopher Albert Camus once said, “Real generosity to the future lies in giving all to the present.” May we continue to hold gratitude in our hearts and make contributions powered by unbounded imagination and creativity. May we build up our business, innovate, strive for the top, and take the lead while holding to GCL’s core ideals of “looking toward the future of value, innovative drive, striving for advancement, and working as a team” in putting down solid roots while achieving robust growth. May we look forward with great expectation to happiness and a wonderful life. May we more effectively carry out our duty and create. And even though you have gone through and seen much, may you always maintain a youthful spirit!

Zhu Gongshan, GCL Chairman


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