Zhu Yufeng, Vice Chairman of GCL Group has just been named one of the Top Ten new energy Icons of the Year. The award was announced on “The Belt and Road International Energy Forum and the 7th Summit of the World’s Top 500 New Energy Companies” in Beijing, co-hosted by the China Energy news agency, People’s Daily Online and China Institute of Energy Economics Research.
These ten honorees were selected from a pool of 30 candidates through online voting and recommendation from a team of experts. The over one million online votes indicate the attention from all walks of life.
As GCL Group Vice Chairman, Chairman of GCL New Energy board and Chairman of GCL Intelligent Energy, Mr. Zhu represents the new leadership in the renewable energy sector. At the same time, he effectively drives forward the development of photovoltaic industrial chain and the intelligent energy industry by carrying on GCL tradition with constant innovations, and becomes a prominent figure in leading the industry growth.
In his acceptance speech, Mr. Zhu Yufeng expressed his gratitude for the recognition of the organizers as well as the support from 30 thousand GCL employees who have been enthusiastically introducing green energy. He shared GCL experience in entrepreneurship and innovation. At present, GCL, after actively developing various clean energy types and renewable energy technologies, possesses a total installation capacity exceeding 20 million kilowatts, of which 85% is clean energy, and about 6 million kilowatts are from photovoltaic power. These impressive numbers are supported by GCL Group’s two major forces: Intelligent Energy and GCL new energy, which have been progressing rapidly in recent years.
Mr. Zhu Yufeng is full of confidence in the development of new energy and clean energy industry, mentioning that in recent years, China has attached great importance to and vigorously supports the development of clean energy with favorable policies, which is also evident in the report delivered to the 19th National Congress of the CPC. GCL always actively responds to the government’s call, dedicated to developing clean energy and renewable energy as the core business; to following The Belt and Road Initiative that advocates “going abroad”; to matching or even surpassing benchmarks as a “fast runner”; to fully participating in poverty alleviation, particularly through the PV industry. At the same time, GCL upholds comprehensive and innovation-driven transformation, encompassing such areas as technology, business model, and management, so as to achieve rapid development through cost reduction, technology upgrade, and model breakthroughs. So far, GCL has accumulated experiences and attained achievements in the aspects of innovation system, smart manufacturing, photovoltaic + mode, information and intelligent management of the full life cycle of new energy business, energy networks, multi-functional and complementary regional micro network, distributed storage and so on.
Mr. Zhu Yufeng believes that at present, China economy is entering the era of “service economy”, while GCL is very optimistic about the “service economy” effect the renewable and clean energy industry will soon release. At present, GCL is diligently working on the third phase of strategic transformation that will transform the company from a clean energy producer to a clean energy integrated service provider. He makes a sentimental remark, “never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.” GCL mission is to continuously provide high-quality clean energy and services for a better living environment. Every GCL employee shares the vision of a strong company, satisfactory rewards and a wonderful society. It not only guides the company’s future development but also is the call of our time for all GCL staff members.
The International New Energy Summit, successfully held for 6 times, is a large-scale public welfare event launched by China Energy newspaper and China Institute of Energy Economics Research.


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