GCL Group, together with GE and Panasonic New Energy, are the top three companies of the list of “2017 World’s Top 500 New Energy Enterprises”, as well as the only Chinese enterprise on the Top Ten list. In December, the list was was officially released. It was produced by China Institute of Energy Economic Research and other authorities that undertake the soft science research projects of National Energy Bureau.

After 27 years of development, the GCL group has become the world’s largest developer and manufacturer of photovoltaic materials, new energy operator and integrated energy services provider; the group’s polysilicon and wafer production and sales accounted for 1/4 and ⅓ of the global market share, respectively; its solar power plant installation ranks second in the world. Among the top 500 global energy companies and the top 500 Chinese enterprises, GCL remains top in the new energy industry for 7 consecutive years. With a decade of continuous innovation, GCL propels the significant cost-saving in the photovoltaic industry.

In order to accelerate the process of grid parity, GCL group has also developed a roadmap for the whole industry chain, including long crystal, polycrystalline silicon, component, system and power stations, aiming to achieve solar grid parity in 2020.

At the same time, GCL Group also responds positively to the nation’s Belt and Road Initiative; leveraging its strength in talents, technologies, markets and others, and stepping up its strategies for globalization, GCL has become China’s pioneering energy enterprise “going abroad”. At present, many GCL subsidiary companies have fruitful results in the countries along the “Belt and Road”, such as building photovoltaic power plants and launching the “overseas seeding plan” in Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, India and other economies. GCL’s solar farms in North America, Japan, Africa provide green power for the locals; in Indonesia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, GCL is actively promoting clean energy projects; in Vietnam, efficient photovoltaic cell project is officially put into operation; in Ethiopia and Djibouti of Africa, the ever-improving integrated natural gas industry chain has been providing sustained green energy to carry out the “Lighting Africa” project.

GCL actively promotes domestic and international collaboration among new energy enterprises, aiming to deepen the cooperation in cost efficiency, technology, equipment, personnel, information, supply chain, industry chain and other aspects.


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