Zhu Yufeng, Vice Chairman of Golden Concord Group Limited (GCL), has been invited to 2017 Youth Entrepreneurs Innovation Development International Cooperation Week, hosted by China Youth Entrepreneurs Association. The event has attracted not only young entrepreneurs in China, but also over 120 young talents from leading enterprises from all over the world.

The International Cooperation Week aims to fostering more cooperation among the young entrepreneurs from all over the world, especially encouraging the companies, which do high-tech innovation, new energy, finance, smart manufacturing, and modern agriculture, to start more win-win projects in China. The six-day event kicked off in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province on September 25th (Monday).

“This is the second year I attend the event. I met a lot of new friends last years here, and now we are already in the discussion of new energy cooperation.” Zhu Yufeng said. “It is now the crucial moment for the Belt and Road Initiative. In this background, all these entrepreneurs can get a better understanding for each other’s companies. I believe more mutual understanding will lift us to more cooperation projects. It is also a very good opportunity for them to know more about GCL, as we now have our global headquarter just in this city.” He added.

As an integrated energy service provider that specializes in clean energy, new energy, with diversified development of related industries, GCL has fame in the energy industry home and abroad. Boasting for its businesses including Power, PV, Oil & Gas, Green Smart City, and Finance, It has been included in Top 500 Chinese Enterprises List, as well as one of the leading new energy companies in China for both 2016 and 2017.

Meantime, it proactively deploys semiconductor material, power battery, new energy vehicle and Energy Internet. Holding several listed companies including GCL-Poly, GCL System Integration and GCL New Energy, etc., GCL’s footprints have been across 31 provinces (cities and autonomous regions) , Hong Kong, and Taiwan in China, as well as Africa, North America, Southeast Asia and Europe.
As the world-leading PV material manufacturer and the prominent domestic non-public electric power enterprise, GCL has achieved the second position of installed capacity of PV power station in the world.


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