Dear Mr. Fang Peng and staff in GCL New Energy (North America) Company and GCL-Poly (US) Research and Development Center,

We will soon welcome the Spring Festival of the Year of Monkey, one of the important traditional Chinese festivals soon. At the threshold of the Monkey Year implying good fortune and wellbeing, I will extend the cordial regards on behalf of Golden Concord Holdings Limited and all the shareholders!

People always miss their families more on festive occasions. Particularly, in the Chinese New Year, I miss you, our staff in America on the other side of the Pacific Ocean: I am concerned about your work, your health, your safety and your wellbeing. At present, people all over the world are advancing to an era of clean energy and new energy. China and US are two great powers leading the innovation in new energy technology. And it is you, the industrial pacemakers of GCL who are overcoming difficulties and implementing the research and development as well as construction and operation of the photovoltaic plant. It is you who are striving to expanding our territory in the American market and making persistent contributions to the development of the new energy industry in America with the technologies and products “made in China” and “wisdom in China”. In fact, every progress you made represents the spirit of the Chinese people and China GCL. Now, allow me to pay tribute to you for your extraordinary contributions in the remote area and for your sacrifice for the collective interests on behalf of all the GCL people. Thank you for your selfless dedications!

The Bingshen Year of Monkey in the Chinese lunar calendar is coming. Monkey implies rich in the Chinese culture. Sun Wukong, the Monkey King is not only a symbol of wisdom and cleverness but also a virtue—never afraid of any difficulties to go for the goal. 2016 is the first year of the “13th Five-Year Plan” of China. When we are celebrating the Spring Festival here in China, you still have to be on duty in the foreign countries. I wish that the principals of our oil and gas project in Africa can comprehensively implement every step of the deployment proposed in the annual operation conference of the group to adapt to the “New Normal” of the economic growth by summarizing our previous experiences with the spirit of “the golden Monkey King who is waving his stick to clear all the dirties in the world”. Let’s set aside fears and stride to the New Year. During the festival, please pay attention to the security in production and operation to ensure the personal and property safety. Besides, we should take good care of the staff and their relatives who will be in America spending the festival, to make them feel the warmth as if they were at home. Remember to take my regards to them on the New Year Eve!

America is a country inhabited by many overseas Chinese who still observe the habits and cultural traditions with strong Chinese features. I therefore wish our staff there can try their best to create the Chinese festive atmosphere and spend the joyful and peaceful Spring Festival in the Chinese way. We miss you, as much as your families in China. Please remember to make a New Year call to your family with the modern communication tools and please also forward my most sincere regards to them.

Wish you all health and good luck in the Year of Monkey!

Chairman of Golden Concord Holdings Limited


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