On January 9, 2015, Zhu Gongshan, Chairman of the Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association and Chairman of GCL, attended the 2014 China Annual PV Power Plant Conference and 2nd China Annual PV Power Plant  Award Ceremony, where he delivered a keynote speech for the PV Leaders Annual West Taihu Debate. During his speech, he shared GCL’s concept of an energy internet as a leader in the photovoltaic industry and emphasized the company’s energy development strategy of “technology, industry, finance and services.”

Mr. Zhu believes that information exchanges and logistic networks are growing trends and the development of distributed renewable energy is necessary for an energy revolution. To achieve that, the companies must listen to the customers’ demands in terms of production, transmission and consumption and use an energy microgrid as a basic unit to realize the integration, coupling, interaction, control and coordination of information, energy, business and financial systems to ensure the shortest distances, minimal loss, fastest responses and lowest costs. In addition, they must be integrated into existing grids to bring the energy internet from a virtual concept to reality.

At the annual conference, GCL was awarded as the Enterprise of the Year and Best Business Model and became the chairman of the Innovation Alliance of China Green Energy and Industrial Technology.


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