GCL-Poly’s S Series Multi-Wafer products
have the greatest market share in the world.


GCL-Poly releases the GCL Monocrystalline G2.

Zhu Yufeng, Executive President of GCL, is appointed as the 3rd Vice President of the Jiangsu Junior Chamber of Commerce.


GCL-Poly is named as the Most Progressive Listed Company and receives the Green China-2013 Environmental Achievement Award at the 2013 China Securities Golden Bauhinia Awards.

Zhu Gongshan, Chairman of GCL, is nominated during the 2013 Welldoing for the World. Exhibition of CPPCC Members’ Public Charity Deeds.

GCL receives the 2013 Global New Energy Outstanding Contribution Award.


GCL-Poly receives the APVIA Industrial Contribution Award.

Zhu Gongshan, Chairman of GCL, is named 2013 Most Respected Entrepreneur.

GCL-Poly receives the Best Green New Energy Business Award from the Hong Kong Stock Ranking of Mainland China Businesses.


GCL signs a collaboration agreement for a 330 MW gas power plant project in Tanzania.

Jiangsu GCL Silicon Material Technology Development Co., Ltd. is awarded the Jiangsu Special Funding for Scientific and Technological Achievements.

Zhu Gongshan, Chairman of GCL, is named as an outstanding manager amongst prominent figures in China’s energy equipment industry.


GCL’s Binhai LNG terminal project is approved by the National Energy Commission.

GCL and GSR Ventures work together to develop LED business.


GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Limited is named as an Outstanding New Energy Enterprise at the 8th Outstanding Enterprise Awards organized by the Capital Magazine.


GCL-Poly is named as Asia’s Most Promising Company at the 9th Corporate Governance Asia Recognition Awards organized by Corporate Governance Asia.


At 20:20 on May 10, GCL-Poly’s 10 MW photovoltaic project is successfully connected to the grid.

GCL-Poly announces the GCL S3, a third generation high-efficiency multi-wafer product, at SNEC 2013.Based on feedback from customers, the average photovoltaic conversion efficiency of GCL S3 is 0.3-0.4% higher than that of the S2. In addition, the efficiency distribution concentration of the S3 has been enhanced by at least 15%. The performance of the silicon wafer has been drastically increased once again to cater to the needs of high-end customers.The GCL S3 Multi-wafer will continue to lead the global photovoltaic industry towards “high efficiency” and accelerate the cost reduction process for photovoltaic products

At SNEC2013, GCL-Poly’s S Series Multi-Wafer receives the highest Terawatt Diamond Award as one of the top ten highlights.GCL-Poly’s S Series Multi-Wafer products have the greatest market share in the world.

The National Development and Reform Commission released the list for the fifth batch of energy market companies (EMC) on its website on the 16th which included GCL (Shenzhen) Smart Energy Co., Ltd.

At 11:28 on May 31, the second combined cycle unit of the Northern Gas Turbine Cogeneration Project completed 72+24 hours of load testing, making it ready for commercial operations. With this, both combined cycle units of the Northern Gas Turbine Project have begun full operation.


The construction for the Baoying 30 MW and Funing 30 MW Complementary PV Solar Farms has begun simultaneously.

On 20 April, Ya’an, Sichuan, suffered an earthquake and GCL Property Investment answered the call of the GCL Sun Charity Foundation by organizing a donation drive for its employees, raising a total of RMB 248,071.

Datong GCL Solar Power Co., Ltd. 20 MW PV solar farm phase I is connected to the grid, becoming the first large-scale PV solar farm of Datong, Shanxi, and helping the group achieve a breakthrough in Shanxi.


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