Poly-GCL successfully
researches and develops
the high-efficiency Multi-wafer S1+
polycrystalline silicon panel,
which boasts an industry-leading
average conversion rate of 17.6%.


Poly-GCL supplies a 150MWsolarprojectplan for use in South Africa


Zhu Gongshan, Chairman of the GCL Group Board of Directors, wins the China Securities Golden Bauhinia “Most Influential Leader Award”


Poly-GCL successful in installing the first phases of its polycrystalline silane gas facility, beginning production of high purity silane gas without a hitch

Poly-GCL’s product release conference for the Multi-Wafer S2 meets with all-around success in Taiwan

The China Power-invested GCL 2 × 1000MW power generation project passes its early assessment feasibility report


The GCL Group and CNOOC Gas & Power Group sign a strategic cooperative framework agreement

GCL receives approval to build a 310-megawatt ground-based photovoltaic power plant and a 30-megawatt rooftop photovoltaic power plant project in Datong, Shanxi


The GCL Fuguiyuan Project established and achieves “win-win” goals for its half year in the Funing property market


Poly-GCL wins “the 2012 Best Corporate Brand Image Award”


Construction completed on Nanjing University’s “Zhu Gongshan Building”


Poly-GCL awarded with approval as a certified Chinese ‘Corporation of Integrity’ for the period 2012-2014

Poly-GCL successfully researches and develops the high-efficiency Multi-wafer S1+ polycrystalline silicon panel, which boasts an industry-leading average conversion rate of 17.6%


GCL-Poly and NRG Solar LLC (“NRG Solar”), US leading PV power project developer, established the joint venture Sunora Energy Solution 1 LLC via their wholly-owned subsidiaries respectively.

GCL Board Chairman Zhu Gongshan accompanied Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping to visit the United States and made an one-the-spot investigation of North Carolina State S&T Park, Duke University, US PV Demonstration Base, US New Energy Project and US Power Battery Sports Car Project during the visit. He also attended the signing ceremony at U.S.-China Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum and held talks with local UCBH, Wells Fargo and Westdeutsche Landesbank about GCL’s development of new energy in the United States.

GCL Auto Power Technology Holdings Limited declared to provide high-performance power battery for pure electric buses in Nanjing.

Under the support of GCL Group and Golden Concord Property Holdings Co., Ltd., the construction of the laboratory building of Suzhou GCL-Poly Industrial Application Research Institute was started officially on February 28. The Research Institute is a hi-tech PV and new energy research center that GCL Group has built with all its strength and will become a first-class new energy innovation R&D base in the world.

GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Limited, the leading enterprise in solar power equipment integration, announced in Hong Kong that the first roof mounted PV system for civil use would be released at the International Photovoltaic Power Generation Expo to be held from February 29 to March 2 in Tokyo, Japan.


The housewarming ceremony for the settlement of the Headquarters of GCL Group and GCL Property Holding Co., Ltd. on the 68F of Shanghai World Financial Center was held in Shanghai

Poly-GCL Investment Co., Ltd. announced in Hong Kong that the company had signed the framework agreement with China Merchants New Energy Group Limited, China Technology Development Group Corporation and China Youth Holdings Limited under the China Merchants Group. All sides agreed to build China Youth Holdings Limited into the most excellent and professional roof mounted solar power station operator in China.


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