Between Jul. 19-20, 2012, the People of Credibility and Reputation 2012 Hong Kong Gathering was held in the Banquet Hall of the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong in Hong Kong Special Administration Region under the auspices of China Enterprise Reputation and Credibility Association (Overseas), Reputation Institute (China), China Daily, Zhejiang Quality and Technical Supervision Cadre Training Center, SINA Finance, PR Newswire, JRJC, 21st Aggregated Financial News Search and Corporate Finance. 550 distinguished guests including entrepreneurs of credibility and reputation from China Mainland and Hong Kong as well as elites from the economic and financial circles and journalists both at home and abroad were present at the gathering. Yang Lu, Director of the Investor Relations Department of GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Limited, the certified enterprise of the Credible Enterprise of China Accreditation 2012-2014, attended the gathering and gave a speech on behalf of the company.

Yang Lu introduced the development of the company and shared the philosophy of the company to take reputation as one of the core values of its enterprise culture. The company believes that in modern economic society, reputation is not only a code of ethics, but also an important resource that could bring economic benefits for enterprises. The corporate reputation will greatly facilitate the formation of the unique cultural characteristics that support the healthy development of the enterprises and significantly promote the development of enterprises from outstanding to excellent if it is shaped and adhered to as the core value of the enterprise culture. In the near future, GCL-Poly will continue to uphold the philosophy that “Green Power Changes the World” and play the mainstay role in PV industry to continuously enhance the value connotation of the company and make unremitting efforts to create a beautiful and low-carbon home for mankind. 

The Credible Enterprise of China Accreditation is a business plan accreditation jointly organized by Reputation Institute (China) and China Enterprise Reputation & Credibility Association (Overseas) and conducted based on the consumer impression and expert evaluation and covers a wide range of industries. Only one enterprise with the best credibility and reputation in its industry will be selected to be granted the title of “Certified Unit”. GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Limited is a professional energy investment holding company specialized in the investment of environment-friendly and renewable energies and has made extraordinary achievements in marketing, consumer rights and interests protection, product and service quality, corporate governance, financial strength, investor relations, human resources policy and enterprise brand image promotion and is well received among experts and awarded the “Certified Unit of the Credible Enterprise of China Accreditation 2012-2014”. At the gathering, the sponsor presented awards to the persons of credibility and reputation in 2012 and praised GCL-Poly again after the commendation on Mar. 5 in a bid to promote exchanges and jointly consolidate and promote the achievements and development of the “value of reputation” of the Chinese nation.

All participants extended their support to the development of GCL-Poly at the gathering and highly appreciated the reputation-based development philosophy of the company. 


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